FAQ & User Guide

Q. Is it free to play games on your website?  
A. Our website is 100% free. You do not have to register on our website and you do not have to pay anything. The adverts that you see on our website are our sponsors.

Q. Every time, I click on a game it does not seem to load. In addition, I see a small red cross on the upper left corner of the game screen. Is something wrong with this game?
A. The games on our website require Macromedia Flash, Shockwave plug-ins or Unity Web Player. These softwares enable you to play the games on your computer. It only takes a minute to download this software, which you can do so clicking on the following link (please ensure you download the appropiate file for your browser): http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/alternates/. Some games needs longer times to load and you can see a white screen in this duration. If a game doesn't seem to be working although you've waited too much, it might be broken. Please report us a broken game, so we can fix it soon. 

Q. I tried to play the game but it's not responsive and controls don't work.
A. This may be caused by several issues. First, please be sure that you clicked with left mouse button on the game screen to activate and play the game. Game won't response if you didn't do it. If a game seems to be unresponsive although you've clicked on the game screen, it might be broken or this problem was caused by another issue. Please report us the game, so we can fix it soon.  

Q. I have accidentally made your website my new homepage, and I need my original web site back as my homepage, can you help me?
A. To restore your original home page follow these instructions:
a) Open your Internet Explorer.
b) At the top/left corner, click on the Tools button.
c) Then click on the Internet Options Button.
d) Here you will see Gamers2Play.com set as your homepage. Simply change it to your desired website address and click on the OK button.
e) Voila, your homepage has now been set to the website address you entered. d) Here you will see Gamers2Play.com set as your homepage. Simply change it to your desired website address and click on the OK button. 

Q. I love your web site and I would like to download my favorite games to my website. How do I download them?  
A. We don't support downloading of our games, but we do allow embedding and linking of our games. Please see our Webmaster Services page.

Q. I love your web site but I don't like those advertisements on your web site. Can you remove them from your web site?  
A. We appreciate your enthusiasm for our website however; we cannot remove these advertisements from our web site because they are our sponsors. They are the ones who make our website FREE for you to enjoy. Soon, we'll provide a privilege of getting rid of most of the advertisements to our registered and logged in members.

Q. I want to delete my account on Gamers2Play.com. How can I do this?
A. At the moment, we don't support deleting any account automatically by user's himself / herself. If you want to leave our site permanently, please contact us and request & confirm on removal of your account. 

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