Space Madness

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Game Details

Space Madness

Space Madness is a contemporary but loyal adaptation of the classic arcade hit Lunar Lander. You're controlling a little space ship moving from the mining station Obsidian XII to investigate an approaching threat from the space. Long range scans indicate a severe systems failure, so be prepared for anything!

Lunar lander was a game released by Atari in 1979. The aim of lunar lander is to land the lunar on the designated pads by controlling the lunar using the throttle and not to run out of fuel by refueling. The gameplay of Space Madness is very close to Lunar Lander's. The most important difference is the possibility to use a weapon to destroy enemies. Use the Arrow keys to move your space ship and left mouse button or Space key to shoot. You should explore the mining station by flying to the landing platform on each level, overcoming any obstacles you encounter. Time is of the essence, so you'll be rewarded based on your speed. Try to get highest scores as much as possible.

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