Legends of Magic Tower Land

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Game Details

Legends of Magic Tower Land

Devil's tower on the mainland, are already familiar with the monster of human coexistence, with the development of technology, a "magic weapon", the special magic seal on the weapons being. On this continent, a magical adventure forthcoming.

Game objectives: Help eliminate all the enemies. Plus points: the role of the remaining points after the upgrade, right mouse click on the plus button, add different attribute values? Equipment: equipment field and Dao Julan, click use, off equipment. Click the lower right corner of the red cross, then click the equipment destroyed equipment, red cross click again to cancel. Skills: If you have skills and equipment to wear it, appear in the skill bar, click the skill activate skills. Activate the skill bar skill position and the probability of a relationship with. Tip: Different colors of the respective color key to open the door, press the M key to get aircraft flying to switch maps, life can slow increase.

Date Added: 2020-01-18

Category: RPG

Played 917 times

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