Housewife vs Zombies

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Game Details

Housewife vs Zombies

Housewife vs Zombies is an interesting and worth-to-play adaptation of Fruit Ninja game with an unoriginal theme: Zombies. As an housewife, you're slicing zombies instead of fruits. Get armed with whatever slashing weapon you can find, slice and dice those zombie parts before the horde overrun town! (P.S. We can easily say that this one is better than Fruit Ninja Kapow but has nothing more than Zombie Slash. Anyway, we recommend you to play all these games which you may find in our portfolio. Just search for them @ our homepage).

IMPORTANT!!! If the game is laggy and hangs on very often, you should disable the Hardware Acceleration on Flash Player settings. To do this, open the settings box by clicking right mouse button on the game screen. Then select the Settings and click on the Display tab. There you see the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" option. Just disable it and refresh the page by pressing CTRL+F5 button. If nothing has changed and issue still exists, please Write Us or report the game with your Email information. As the zombie parts fly across the screen, slice with the mouse. Click to start a slice then draw to the destination before releasing the mouse button to complete your slice. Try and score combos and extra points for multiple slices of the zombie parts. Avoid the TNT! If you miss a zombie part it'll nibble at your wares, causing a loss of life.

Date Added: 2019-10-15

Category: Zombie Games

Played 79304 times

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