Ghost Highway

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Game Details

Ghost Highway

Fun and exciting test the hardness of your hand, motility and ability to concentrate.The game has three levels of increasing complexity due to increasing speed.You can check the speed of response at any level.Tractor - slowly, truck - faster, and finally the extreme speed of a sports car.All vehicles are automatically moves along the road that you build yourself.The road is laid by moving the cursor to the right.Physically, the management is carried out quickly by moving the cursor to the right and release the mouse button (until you release the finger button, the road is just a phantom line, and cars are falling).If the car has dropped - you slowly build the road. If the car buried in an obstacle, or hung on the wheels, or turned upside down, then you have not built a comfortable road.The game is interesting for its highly realistic physics and the freedom to create the configuration of the road (hills, descents, jumps - you create yourself) ...

Date Added: 2019-10-24

Category: Driving Games

Played 1919 times

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