Castle Surge

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Game Details

Castle Surge

Castle Surge is a strategy game based on occupation such as Tentacle Wars. The human realm needs your help! War has broken out in the lands and darkness is at the doorstep. Fight back the invaders as you seek to save humanity from itself and others that want to remove you from the picture. Travel across the land as the ever evolving story and threats bring the war for mankind to new heights.

Hold left click on your building in blue color and draw a line to the other castles for sending your troops. White flagged castles are neutral and they're just waiting to be conquered. Rest are the enemy castles and you must occupy them to win a war. Your troops automatically increases and when they are enough in numbers, sent them to conquer the other castles. Right timing is the key. Also don't forget, majority always wins!

Date Added: 2020-02-19

Category: Strategy Games

Played 1132 times

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