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Important announcement!

By   2017-09-06

Hello gamers!

Unfortunately, Flash games are dying and Internet browsers don't thoroughly support them any more. Still we can play them but we should give a permanent permission to Adobe Flash Player. First you have to install Adobe Flash Player if you don't have it: Click here to get it from Adobe's official site: 

Then you must allow Flash content in Chrome by choosing "always" option. All of these take just a few minute. After installation and giving the required permision for once, restart Chrome and wait for a while. UNO will be loading very slowly but this is just for once, too. Then you'll never have any problem. 

Watch the short video here to learn how to allow Flash content on Chrome browser permanently:

Have fun & best wishes,

Gamers2Play.comHello gamers! 

We're proudly announcing that has been upgraded to v2.0 version. Besides that, we had to remove a lot of membership accounts because of the new structure of the new site. Sorry for that. :(  By the way, you most likely may encounter some problems (such as unworking games, broken features, etc.) Please don't hesitate to report any problem to us. We'll try to fix everything ASAP. Let's have fun!  

Thanx & Best Wishes,

Gamers2Play Beta has started!

By   2012-03-13

Hello gamers! has finally reached its beta stage but there may still be something missing or wrong. So it just needs to be tested for a while. It would be perfect if you report potential bugs, bad games etc. And also you may request anything you want. You can contact us by sending Email to or just leaving comments to related contents (this post or a game page).  



Welcome to!

By   2012-02-10

Hello gamers! 


Here, at, you can find the best casual and online games which are chosen carefully for maximizing your enjoyment level and game pleasure. Also be sure that you're in the right spot if you look for tough rivals to compete from all around the world. Play our special Action, Puzzle,  Adventure, Driving, Shooting, Strategy, Sports and Board games and have a good time! 


Actually, is at alpha stage but the beta development process of our site will be completed in one or two weeks. We're adding some amazing features such as making friends list and purpose a challenge to the other gamers. Much more will be ready to be experienced by you, the holy game horde!  








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