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Zombie Leo

It is said that there is a distant place lived a group of good zombies. They established their own empire. However, the King and the Queen were kidnapped by human,because of human greed empire's wealth.Human intended to extort from the wealth of the people of the Empire.They did not think that young prince escaped fortunately,he is so brave and quietly behind the enemy. He is waiting for the opportunity to rescue his parents from the bad human. Although this mission is very dangerous, he still move forward. Come and help Zombie Leo to defeat the enemy!

Use mouse to play, Zombie Leo will automatically move forward. Player need to click need to click on various machinerys and traps in time to help zombie avoid obstacles and dangers. Click zombie to stop him, click again to continue to move. The goal of each level is reaching the grave safely.

Date Added: 2017-07-24

Category: Zombie Games

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