Hot Dogs On Fire


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Hot Dogs On Fire

Hot Dogs Fire is an amazing cooking game which you'll play it for hours. It's noon and all the kids wants to eat. You should serve hot dogs as fast as you can. How long can you go without making too many mistakes?

Give the tourists a good reputation by making their order as accurate and as fast as you can. Make sure not to get them to wait too long, they will get upset and leave. To get the maximum score, make sure to serve only well done hot dogs. Watch the Taxi! It will drive forward every time you gain points and backwards every time you lose them. When you scored enough, you'll go forward to new stage. Try to get high score to compete the other players around the world. (You must be a registered user and also logged in!).

Date Added: 2017-08-19

Category: Cooking

Played 2965 times