Chinese Vampire Year 1743


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Chinese Vampire Year 1743

In Chinese Vampire Year 1743, play as a Taoist Priest, you have to eliminate all the Jumping Corpses! 3 category of skills: Wooden Sword: Chinese vampires are afraid of swords made from peach wood. Talisman: Stick talisman on the forhead of a jumping corpse stops its movement for a while, until wind blows the paper away or taoist priests trigger explosion! Treasure: Master various unique treasures such ask mirrors, dogs blood, chinese bell etc to fight Chinese vampires! Features: * 21 different skills to master * 16 stages * Customize your own Combo system * 24 different type of Chinese Vampires(Jumping Corpses) * Cool animation and interesting skills

Move: Arrow or WASD keys. Attack & Combo: Z

Date Added: 2017-08-17

Category: Zombie Games

Played 4500 times